Live Each Moment Like Your Last

So, this is kind of a teaser for my nest Picture This scrapbook layout! HA! I am only going to publish the left side of this layout right now, and I will post what I did with the right side later. I really LOVED how this page turned out. The assignment for this particular layout was to demonstrate perspective through photography. I had to “Google” what that meant and basically, I think the word depth is much easier to understand.
So when I was thinking about perspective and how I could really convey my feelings about the photos I wanted to use, I kept going back to this Colonial White monochromatic vision. Almost like purity and cleanliness in such a dirty and rotten place. I also think about how strange it is that civilization basically started in this area of the world. There are shepards herding sheep, and the man dresses paired with sandals…I mean sometimes, it reminds me of watching people living in Biblical times!
So I decided to pull Colonial White products, or make products Colonial White with our products. For the stitching, I actually used the Flourishes Stamp Set and stamped on the back of the page with a Bamboo stamp pad. The I took my trusty Paper Piercer and poked holes every quarter of an inch or so. Then I just used Colonial White Embroidery Floss to stitch the pattern. Of course, this is my new favorite flower techniques layering white daisy paper flowers on top of one another in descending sizes.This was just such a fun page to put together and really play with your products!

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