Convention Excitement

Yippee! I finally got this clip loaded! I made it almost as soon as I got home from Convention on Sunday, July 11th. I was so stinkin’ tired, excited, enthusiastic, supercharged, oh, did I mention tired! HA! I am even slurring my words, because I was so stinkin’ tired. None the less, this is just some tips and some things I really wanted to share. I will try to post similar ideas monthly at the very least.
One of my favorite parts about this clip is that I am sitting on a Bowflex in the corner of an ugly storage room that I am having renovated into my Alpha Phi Scrappa Scrapbook Sorority Team Clubhouse! I am SO EXCITED to make this leap! YIPPEE!! So now, Alpha Phi Scrappa Sisters in Iraq supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom, know that I am thinking of you and I am so excited you will be home in the next couple weeks. GOD SPEED!

4 responses to “Convention Excitement

  1. I just wanted to tell u that I think you are Wicked Awesome!! And I also wanted to THANK yourself and husband for helping keep our country safe!! Because of Soldiers like you I am blessed to raise my babies with Freedom!! XOXOXOJen ChinHope to meet u at convention some day!!! ;0)


  2. Amy,You are just simply amazing! I love your video – you speak the truth and from your heart! I will be watching for the transformation of your space! Hugs!!


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