Leave Your Fears Behind

I loved creating this scrapbook layout when I was in Iraq. I had really been avoiding scrapping my first deployment for SO MANY reasons. I didn’t realize how many emotions, blame, guilt, and anger I had been harboring for nearly three years. The photos in these pages were taken at the National Training Center at Fort Irwin, California. The Army has spent millions of dollars making our training prior to deployment as realistic as possible.
The first time our PA, medics, and myself went through this trauma lane, I was in charge of triage and getting the casualties loaded and prepared to be taken to the Landing Zone. Once everyone was loaded, strapped, and vital signs taken, I started throwing in IVs. A feeling of doom washed over me and tears streamed down my face as I cared for my patients. The person that kept coming to mind was a fellow senior medic in my unit that was Medically Evacuated after an intense attack near Mosul. He is now a paraplegic and this is what my journaling discusses.
Scrapbooking these events has been absolutely therapeutic! Just think of all the money I am saving by scrapping it out rather than sitting a chair across from a psychiatrist! HA! So when you think you don’t have time to scrapbook some of the important events in your life, make it a priority. You may just find yourself becoming a better person for it and save allot of money in doctors bills in the process!

4 responses to “Leave Your Fears Behind

  1. This is my first chance to catch up on my favorite blogs since I left on vacation.I was so excited to see that you've posted some pages from your album. You are so talented!Thanks for sharing your journey, Amy!


  2. I totally agree, very good therapy. Your layouts are powerful and very well done. A lot of care and attention to details. I know you were thinking – working through it all – as you made every decision. Thank you for sharing, perhaps someone will take your advice and learn how to cope with their own fears. Hugs.


  3. Scrapping is good therapy indeed. I really like all the details on these pages with the paper ribbon and the extra work in the title. Beautiful.


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