This is a scan of the title page for my Picture This scrapbook contest. I was pretty disappointed when I didn’t place in the top ten at Convention. A girl can’t win them all I suppose. I really put my heart into this project. It is pretty funny, because I have been avoiding scrapbooking my first tour in Iraq for nearly three years. Then I had all these events happen this tour in Iraq totally unrelated, none the less this tour seemed to take its toll on me. I guess it is easier to be too busy and fearful of losing your life, than it is to be bored and hopeless! Ha!
Anyway, I based the whole scrapbook around the different ups and downs I sometimes face. There is a song by Nickleback called “If Today Was Your Last Day” and this song really keeps me going through the difficult times and really helps push me to be a better person. Every title for my scrapbook layouts is in this song. This particuliar page talks about the Soldiers in my unit calling me Momma Muse, which I hate, because I am pretty much in denial about my age!
Many of us wear various different “hats” throughout our lives and “play” roles and conduct ourselves in such a manner to succeed at accomplishing our various endevours. Many times, I find myself not liking the person I have to be in my Army J.O.B. When I was in my 20s and full of spit fire and vinegar, the Army Sergeant was a very good ultra ego, or type a personna I really enjoyed and relished the challenge. Nowadays, I rather help my fellow man and make a difference in some way big or small and just contribute to someone’s life, rather than be the diciplinarian and authority figure. I really like Miss Scrappy Britches better! LOL!
So in many ways this scrapbook was a process to work out some of the feelings I had tucked away for the last few years. After all, when you are bored and living out of a vehicle for two weeks, it is kind of easy to breathe and find you never really processed some things in life. Then you turn around and realize you have been so busy playing these roles and working for everyone but yourself, you have no friends and no real shoulder to cry on! Yikes!
So, since I put my tears and sweat into this scrapbook, I decided to start posting my pages to share. In this particular page, I died my crochet flowers with Juniper Re-Inker and rubbing alcohol, plus I used rub-ons and my favorite “Patina” technique which was named by Sarita, but invented by me and posted earlier this year. Hope you pop by every once in a while to give me some feedback. Look out Convention 2011 for another fabulous scrapbook entry from me!

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  1. It was so good to see you at Convention! I really should have visited longer. Those few days were such a whirlwind! We should have a week of Convention. LOLCongratulations on your well-deserved award, my dear!


  2. Amy – I really am looking forward to seeing your book. It sounds like it is a great book for you to get out all that stuff that you went though while you were in such a scary place. I have been following your blog for a while now and am always amazed by you. I was so super happy to have the chance to meet you and tell you I stalked…I mean followed your blog. You are taller than I thought but as super cute as you are here. I was SO happy for you when you got the Rising Star award but then we all knew you were already a star. big hugs and thank you's all around Miss Scrappy Britches! xxxx Amy


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