Lovely Level 1 Kits Make Fabulous Cards

I have been playing SO MUCH with Level 1 kits as of late! I just love how versatile these kits are and I am always amazed at how under utilized they are! I just cut the four 12″ by 12″ pages in half to make eight cards, (6″ by 6″ because it is a 12″ by 6″ piece of paper folded in half). Yes, in this slide show I just halved the pages for these 8 cards and folded the sheet in half again to make a 6″ by 6″ card, then I just used the Stickease Adhesives included in the Level 1 Kit to decorate. Of course I also used some stamps I already had and make some embellishments from the extra paper in the kit. Cool! And very EASY!

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