Thank you, Manhattan Chamber Friends!

No, we are not stressed in Iraq! Well, not now that we received our sweet care package from the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce, anyway! Of course, the Soldiers loved the Girl Scout cookies, but they really had fun with the stress balls and fans. Don’t these pictures just crack you up!

Sometimes, my Soldiers are just crazy people! This kind of fun from the folks back home really goes a long way in Iraq. Simple gestures of kindness that I know my Soldiers will pay forward.

It is funny, because I was just thinking about this today. I found an old Stars and Stripes newspaper in my office. I had meant to read it, but just didn’t make the time. I read an article today about a Marine unit in the middle of know-where-special Afghanistan and really had to count my blessings. I wasn’t living out a a vehicle. I have a nice clean girls-only shower and indoor plumbing! Hooah! I also can walk to a Dining Facility and get nice warm food to eat. I can plug in my coffee pot and make coffee in the morning. I get to sleep in a bed, maybe in a tin can for a room, but it is pretty comfortable. I can Skype my friends and family pretty regularly.

Anyway, I could go on and on…but I really want to say thank you for your support. Know that it may be needed in some places more than others, but all Soldiers do a good job of making sure the units that need it most get it!

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