Thank you, Barb! You ROCK!

Wow! BIG THANKS go to Barb for the best care packages EVER! I still crack up looking back at these pictures! HA! I was SO excited to see Starbuck’s instant coffee packs! Hooray! Now CPL Chase was just excited and I laugh every time I see this picture!

Barb is a fellow Close To My Heart Independent Consultant. I had the pleasure of introducing myself at the Regional Celebration in November. I must admit, I was pretty intimidated when I first met her, but I have learned she is about the sweetest lady I have met!

Now, we know candles are a no-no, but they do truly make us happy. We are just extra careful with them as you should never leave a burning candle unattended, right? Anyway, they loved the candles and I will never tell a soul. Deny, deny, deny.

Now, I KNOW Barb is like the resident expert of care packages, because they were full of like all the items the Soldiers were wanting. Too funny. They fought over the Crystal Light drink packets, and I think someone ran off with the peanut M & M’s. My mouth was sore from laughing so hard. I couldn’t tell if they were just being dramatic, or what, but I had lots of fun watching them!

Now with everything going on in the news, I must admit that it is pretty hard keeping up with the latest gossip back home. I was doing my best to remain calm and cool about the magazines, but know that when the Soldiers weren’t looking, I was pouring over each and every page. I just hope my Kate Gosselin dances her heart out. No, she won’t win, but I still support and root on her efforts. You go, Kate!

Thanks again, Barb! You are an ACE!

3 responses to “Thank you, Barb! You ROCK!

  1. BTW… I didn't realize they were candles… I thought they were room fresheners! Ooops… That's what I get for not reading!


  2. Awww, you are tooo kind, Amy! I am so happy that you all enjoyed the goodie boxes! THANK YOU (ALL) for your sacrifices!! Be safe!! Hugs…


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