Strange Weather in Iraq this Week

The weather here in Iraq has been so weird this week! I know it has been strange in many states this winter, so I thought I would share. Anyway, if you are a Midwesterner, you know there is not ever a conversation that doesn’t include the weather. If you aren’t a Midwesterner, you probably just learned something new. We always talk about the weather. I swear, every time I call my Dad, I KNOW he is gonna ask about the weather!

Believe it or not, this rainbow appeared in the evening as I was walking to the Dining Facility! It was a full rainbow that stretched clear across the sky. It reminded me that it is so close to Easter and I need to take time to reflect on the reason Easter is always so important to me, no matter where I may be spending it.

This is a picture of the sky early Monday morning. This picture really doesn’t do the scene justice, because it was really a beautiful sky. As dirty and dusty as this desolate landscape is in Iraq, the sky more than makes up for it…well, some days!

This is about the strangest phenomenon that I have ever seen in all my days. No, no Photoshop here. I imagine this is what the moon looks like. Everything looked red and nearly everyone was outside looking at the ominous and eerie sky. Truly weird. The strangest thing is that all of these pictures were taken in the last five days!

4 responses to “Strange Weather in Iraq this Week

  1. Amy,Beautiful photos – your rainbow is so pretty, I know that a good one can just take your breath away! The red sky is scary – I think of the old sailor's verse "red sky at morning, sailor take warning, red sky at night, sailor delight". Hugs!


  2. Nice to find you Amy – thanks for commenting on our fb fan page so I could come see your blog too! Thank you so much for your service 🙂 I assume you must be with someone getting cards from us – and if not, be sure to ask for some!!Semper fi!Sandy, pres of OWH


  3. Wow…wow…wow! I hope you took more photo's of that crazy orange sky. I think I have had about 20 conversations about the weather this week alone. It has been very nice here as spring has sprung. Yep you know it I am a Midwest girl I know exactly what you are talking about 😉


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