My Home Away From Home

Home sweet home…well, kinda. At least for the next year in Iraq, this is what greets the entrance to our little engineer village called Town of Vengence. It was formally known as Bagerville, but no one really seems to like that name. I am sure it is a matter of time before someone else comes up with something more fitting to the “Diehard Battalion”.

This wooded structure was made when we first got here about two months ago. It has our Battalion Commander’s name and Command Sergeant Major’s name listed for all who enter to see.

This was the marque painted on the left side of our entrance when we got here. Surely, the CSM will be having a contest to have someone paint something different. Someone probably took a lot of time to do this one, but I personally don’t like it much.

This is the wall of tall T-Barriers that surrounds and protects our living area. They are about ten feet tall and about a foot and a half thick. Every unit that has ever lived in this area has painted the dates they were deployed and put some type of insignia. You can see the units got fancier with their art as time went along. As you can also see, engineers have been here since the very first Operation Iraqi Freedom. What a proud tradition!

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