Spring Color Palette Trends Close To My Heart Style

The color palette forecast for 2010 upcoming spring fashion is out! Of course, fashion trends don’t always translate to the needs of paper crafters, but I think this year Close To My Heart is spot with its new product releases with the spring color forecast!

2010 has been declared the year of turquoise!
Green-Earthy green tones will be more vintage, subdued, and warm in nature.
Red-Rich, vibrant reds will be the popular accent color.
Pink-The innocent and happy look of Candy Pink is huge this season.
Yellow-Lemon yellow is another bright and happy color that reminds us of summer and provides lifted spirits.
Purple-Lavender/Purple will be making a strong come back in much lighter, warmer tones.
Navy Blue-Navy Blue replaces brown as the dominant neutral. All popular blue tones will be warm and rich rather than have the typical grey tones.
So what does this color palette look like in the newest Close To My Heart Products?
For thee color of the year, turquoise and vintage, earthy green with accents of vibrant red, (think tulip), Veranda is in perfect harmony with the 2010 spring palette. I could not believe how perfectly these papers, inks, and embellishments match the spring prediction!
Wow! Candy Pink totally describes the Baby Pink colors in Topstitch! Warm chocolate, baby blue, and warm vineyard berry totally coordinate in these papers, inks, and embellishments. Close To My Heart had this color palette figured out early!

I can’t think of another kit that reminds me of warm lemon yellow better than Caboodle. Caboodle boasts a very warm and summery color palette perfect for all those fun, fun, fun memories and projects that beg summer to come early!
For the Navy Blue and warm Purple hues, Close To My Heart has it just right when they picked the trendy You Rock papers, inks, and embellishments. Amazing how these rich, warm colors harmonize with one another to make You Rock so fun, playful and unique!

I just love seeing the new spring trend predictions! It is really cool that fashion and scrapbooking can be so closely related though they are completely different! Of course, we all love to use the latest and greatest to keep with today’s styles and traditions. I mean I like to look through my old scrapbooks as much as any hobbyist, but I would never go back to using some of those hideous products! Who wants to buy my 50 styles of decorative scissors and big fruit paper that matches the big watercolor paint splattered plaid paper? Yikes!

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