Texture 101 Tips and Techniques

If you have ever taken a look at my most favorite and beloved projects I have created, you will soon find something common in most of them. They are as fun to feel as they are to look at. I just LOVE adding texture to my scrapbook pages, cards, and home decor items.

With so many products to choose from, I will just mention my very, very favorites to use. Topping my personal favorite ways to add texture is felt. I love adding felt shapes to my projects. I love altering plain felt shapes and really making them my own. You can add brads, glitter, sewing, sparkles and jewels, sequins, eyelets, and so much more.

Another have-to-have to add texture is ribbon. I love adding ribbon to just about everything. You can do so much with ribbon, too. You can tie it in knots and bows. You can also gather ribbon by sewing big, bold stitches or pull the ribbon closer and iron it flat to make pleats. You can also just gather it and staple it down. Ribbon is just so versatile!

I also love to add buttons to my projects to add texture. Of course, I prefer to pull string, hemp, or waxy flax through the button holes so my buttons are never naked. After all, why would button have holes if they weren’t meant to have some string in them! I like to finish my buttons with colored embroidery floss the best when there are four holes, and hemp and waxy flax when there are two button holes.

I love the bling! I love to add sparkles, jewels, glitter, glitter rub-ons…well, anything that adds bling quite frankly. Now I know, my manly projects do not always get the bling, but if it is girly, you best bet that it is gonna bling! I also like to use Liquid Glass to bling my papers. Sometimes I just cover dots, or other small elements on the patterned paper and let it dry overnight to give it a extra special, high end look. Sometimes I make my own glitter paper this way!

Chipboard is another great way to add texture. The best thing about chipboard is that you can also personalize it for your projects. You can die, stamp, distress, add stickers, chalk, paint, emboss, add brads or eyelets…well, I think you get the picture. Chipboard is very versatile whether it is white or naked! And yes, sometimes naked chipboard is fine!

Well, these are just a few of my very favorites. That is not to say I don’t love metal frames, brads, eyelets, photo corners, photo clips, paperclips, tags, bookplates, safety pins, crocheted flowers, paper flowers, twinkle brads, Filigree Charms, tabs, badge buttons, metal tags, hinges, photo hangers, and the many, many other products that give my projects texture! Did I forget overlays…Happy Scrapping!

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