Creating Vision and Understanding


One step that’s often missing when someone shares any opportunity with a friend, or acquaintance is understanding what their vision really is. Understanding another person’s vision is the cornerstone of communication.

Take, for instance, the Close To My Heart business opportunity. Understanding what the business “looks like” to a potential team member will help you communicate and build a relationship beyond the business. Communicating their vision is a good way of making sure your opportunity is a good fit for the potential Team member. You want to make sure Close To My Heart will be something they will enjoy that will also help them achieve their personal goals, or their vision.

Here’s why this step matters: When a new team member knows why she wants to succeed in her new business—when she truly understands what’s in it for her—she will be more committed and experience greater success. This makes your job as a team leader so much easier and more fulfilling!

You have three main goals during this part of the Sharing the Opportunity conversation:

1) Help them understand what they want and make sure you understand their personal goals.

2) Help them see what’s in it for them when they run a successful business.

3) Help them establish a vision of how often they want to work, so they can reach their goals.


Use the following questions in your conversations, or come up with your own:

• Tell me about your family situation. Do you have children?

• Why are you thinking about becoming a Consultant?

• What about this business interests you the most?

• What would some extra income do for you?

• Some people use this opportunity to pay for extra classes for their children, for a family vacation, or for a car payment. Tell me the reasons you’d like some extra money.

• I’d like to help you build your business, so you can reach your goals. Let’s start by setting up a framework for how often you want to work. How many days per week do you see yourself working?

• Most Consultants begin by holding Home Gatherings to build their customer base, but what type of events do you see yourself holding?

• I know you’re going to do a great job, and I’m so excited you’ve chosen to join my Team! I want to be here for you as you’re getting started. How can I best support you?


Sometimes you’ll run into the situation where a potential Team member seems hesitant about taking this opportunity. What do you do then?

The best thing to do in this situation is to kindly let her know that it doesn’t seem like it would be in her best interest to start a business right now, since she has so much going on. Reassure her that if her situation changes, the opportunity is always there. Let her know you’re more than happy to keep her as a customer and inform her about upcoming classes and monthly specials.

When you look out for her best interests rather than yours, she will know you’re a person of integrity and will remain loyal to you as a customer. And if she decides to become a Consultant in the future, she’ll certainly want someone as honest and caring as you to be her team leader! These principles hold true in most areas of our lives, in business, organizations, community events, and the list goes on and on. As you are working in various organizations, pay attention to what others are envisioning and communicate your own vision. You just may find you are able to help other people reach their goals as you reach for yours!

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