New Program Unveiled

Close To My Heart recently unveiled an updated Straight To The Top program to help their newest Consultants hit the ground running. Those who sign up to become a Consultant after October 1, 2015 will get to participate in this exciting program!

The purpose of this article is to familiarize you with the details of the program, so you can make an informed decision and see how you can earn fabulous Straight To The Top rewards. Let’s talk about how the program works.

How does the new Straight To The Top program work?

New Consultants receive special incentive rewards based on their personal sales totals during their first 90 days as a Consultant. If new Consultants reach certain amounts of commissionable sales within the specified time frames, they earn a reward!

There are three levels and a bonus level. Level 1 requires a certain amount of commissionable sales by day 30, Level 2 by day 60, and Level 3 by day 90. The bonus level rewards new Consultants who meet all three levels on time. These levels are designed to help new Consultants push themselves gradually to make more sales as they start their new business.

We encourage Uplines to support new Team members as they strive to reach the Straight To The Top levels. Research shows that new Consultants are more likely to have long-term sales success when they enjoy immediate sales success. The Straight To The Top program boosts confidence and shows people that they can succeed!

Now let’s dive into the fun part—the rewards!

What are the rewards for each level?

Each level has its own awesome reward! Let’s take a look:

Level 1

Photo of Stamp Sets

When new Consultants meet the $250 sales requirement for Level 1 by the 30-day deadline, they receive these three My Acrylix® Business Builder stamp sets! These stamp sets were specifically designed to help them with various business activities, from planning events, to sharing the business opportunity, to showing appreciation to hostesses and customers. Aren’t they adorable?

Level 2

Photo of handbag and charm

When new Consultants meet the $400 sales requirement for Level 2 by the 60-day deadline, they will receive two rewards: the exclusive On The Go Bag, and the Heart Dangle, which are not available for purchase! They can only be obtained by meeting Level 2’s sales requirements on time.

Again, both of these rewards are designed to propel your business forward. The On The Go Bag is a great conversation starter: Consultants can take cardmaking supplies with them to baseball games, doctors’ offices, etc., and when others see you working on a project, you are bound to be asked questions about what you are making. Casual conversations like this are a great way to find new customers. Additionally, the bag is super trendy, so if someone wants to know where they could get one, you have the perfect opportunity to talk about the Close To My Heart business opportunity! The exclusive Heart Dangle can be easily attached to purses or luggage, which is a great attention-getter and conversation starter as well!

Level 3

Photo of Close To My Heart T-Shirt

When new Consultants meet the $500 sales requirement for Level 3 by the 90-day deadline, they will receive this stylish and comfortable Close To My Heart T-Shirt, designed exclusively for the Straight To The Top program. This can be worn around town and will naturally lead to conversations about their new business.

Bonus Level

To sweeten the deal, when a new Consultant achieves all three levels by their respective deadlines, they receive an incredible bonus reward: an organizer full of product! We’ve selected these products to help new Consultants stock up on business supplies for their Home Gatherings and events.

Photo of organizer

Great rewards, right? Close To My Heart is very excited to watch their new Consultants earn rewards and gain confidence as they move through our new Straight To The Top program. For more information about the new Straight To The Top program, contact me at, or 785-341-8672. You can sign up here.

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