10 New Organization Ideas

For those of you that love organization as much as I do, you may feel overwhelmed by all the product choices available. Many craft retail and office supply stores carry affordable cardboard, plastic, wood and metal bins, containers, files and folders aimed at helping you keep your supplies stored. Many of these stores market to consumers with deep discounts and weekly coupons to make their storage solutions more appealing.

I have learned through the years that many of these “solutions” use cheap materials that are poorly manufactured and cannot practically hold the amount of supplies pictured on the packaging or claimed on their perspective websites. Many products are not necessarily practical for paper crafters and have odd measurements that are specific to entirely different industries.

Organization is so important for many reasons. When your supplies are organized, you are able to find the things you need quickly and your basic supplies can be stored within arms reach. It is best to have some type of translucent storage is the best option, so you can see what is near, but also have the ability to keep it neat and tidy. The right organization provides a way for you know exactly what you actually have on hand, so you can avoid buying duplicate items. Protecting your products from direct sunlight, spills, pets, kids, and other destructive elements is also a good reason to keep them organized. Organizing your products makes it easier to pack for events, crops and parties you attend.

For some, being organized is the main goal. For others, being organized beautifully is just as important. I find I am more inspired being surrounded by pretty things and items I have upcycled or made myself. I like my craft space, supplies and organizational products to match nicely and fit together perfectly. This creates less frustration and distraction when I am crafting, giving me the freedom to be creative rather than anxious. Just to demonstrate to you that I am not the only person who feels this way, I have decided to include this short You Tube video from my friends at Close To My Heart.

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