Fabulous Cardmaking Kit

The Chantilly Cardmaking Kit (G1061, $29.95) is inspired by the Chantilly coordinating products found in the Spring/Summer 2013 Idea Book. Using the materials, kit exclusive accessories, and step-by-step instructions, you can create fifteen cards, (5 each of 3 designs). I actually made twenty-one cards by adding six more card blanks and envelopes. I didn’t have enough wooden badge buttons, so I used brads instead and I actually loved the way the brads looked, too!

I really love making cards from the Close To My Heart kits, because all the planning is already done for me. To make the card making go even faster, I have a few timesaving steps for you.

First, trim all the paper using the full color cutting guide and your Fiskars paper trimmer. As you are cutting, place the pieces into three piles: card 1 pile, card 2 pile, and card 3 pile. This way you won’t get your trimmed papers mixed up!

Second, get all the stamping done at once. Start with the stamping for card 1, then move on to the stamping for card 2, and lastly, card 3. Now you will be all ready to assemble! If you would rather do all the stamping for each color, rather than by the card, that works well, too. Just make sure you return the stamped pieces to the right card pile.

Third, assemble your cards using Tom-Bow Sticky Dots. I like to use sticky dots for my cards, because it is less messy and very quick. If I want a bit of dimension to some of the elements, I layer a few sticky dots one untop of the next rather than taking the time to use foam dots.

These tips should help you finish your cards in about an hour! If you choose to use some more advanced stamping techniques and sticky dots are not your favorite glue, it should still not take you more than a couple hours to finish these cards. These cards are also my favorite to use for card swaps with my non-Close To My Heart friends! 😉

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