Extravaganza Booth Display

Many, many ladies that attended my Scholastic Extravaganza booth wanted pictures of my booth display. The booth displays do not go on the Convention 2012 CD, so I kept these particular display items in my booth.

I used a whitewash technique using the White Daisy stamp pad (Z2163) as it is a pigment based ink, rather that water based which allows it to stay closer to the surface of the paper rather than soak completely. MANY gals didn’t even realize that is display was made using Scholastic and that is what I was shooting for.

I like demonstrating to customers and other paper crafters how you can use Close To My Heart products to get nearly any look you want. I am a bit of collector of paper, just as many of you are. I feel so satisfied mixing and matching my old products with my new products AND I love bringing all of that to my home decor! Yippee! Makes me excited to quit blogging and start creating! LOL!

For all of my vintage inspired soul sisters out there, thank you so much for the positive feedback at Convention. I really got some negative comments, behind my back for my art this year. I was approached by my coach, Jill Broadbent, almost right away during Extravaganza to stick with demonstrating just Close To My Heart products. I just felt so sick and embarrassed about the whole ordeal.

Rather than showcasing only the new Close To My Heart products, I was sharing myself and my ideas. I was inspired so much by Stacy Jillian the previous day and caught up in how paper crafting was really more about sharing ourselves, being ourselves, and leaving a legacy, that I wanted my booth to exude warmth, creativity, and inspiration, maybe even a bit of magic.

I learned some very valuable lessons this Convention, not only about myself, but about the competitive nature that drives a percentage of our Independent Consultants. The idea Brian shared in class plays back in my head over and over…30% business builders that go on to be Directors and build a long lasting income, 30% hobbyists that love the product and get a great discount and 30% Consultants that buy the kit stick around to meet their short term goals, such as earning money for Christmas gifts, or a wedding, and then resign.

Kind of like I said about Vintage, you either are over the Moon in love with Vintage, or you hate it. How I choose to use Close To My Heart to meet my goals is certainly not the same as everyone else. I recognize and accept this knowledge. No judgment, just lots of love. More art coming your way soon. Happy Scrappin’!

One response to “Extravaganza Booth Display

  1. Amy -I didn't go to Convention this year. Thank you for sharing your beautiful artwork on your blog. I'm sorry that you received some negative feedback at the event – very disheartening when you've obviously worked very hard on something. It sounds like they need to be a bit more specific in their requirements for teachers if it isn't an "anything goes" with these products scenario. Keep your chin up and keep posting your beautiful things! I'd love to see some close ups if you have them!Hugs,Paige


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