Lovin’ These Wings Cards My Friends and I Made

Do you love getting a handmade card? I just love that feeling of appreciation, kindness, and friendship I feel when I pick up my mail and realize someone has sent me a handmade card. That feeling is why I love to make cards and show others how to make cards. Just the simple fact that someone has taken some extra time to make something special for you is just over the top.

I love making others get that feeling by sending them something I have made. How do I know people love to get cards? This Christmas I didn’t get my cards out. Yes, I know, shame on me! But there were a lot of disappointed people. Many of them said that they keep all of my cards instead of throwing them away. That is how I know I have touched somebody’s heart.

Recently, I had a Wings Workshop on the Go at my crop room and I had so much fun showing these ladies some new techniques and giving them their Wings Workshop kit with beautiful papers, fun spray bottle, and a fabulous stamp set that they will use over and over. I love this kit so much, I am using it for my 2010 Convention Album! The slide show below has the three Wings Workshop cards and some other quick cards I made this some other coordinating stamp sets. (I do still need to add a few more cards to the slide show, because I have made even more!)

If you are a paper crafter, please make the time to make some cards soon, rather than buying them at the store. You will really touch someone’s heart in a way that is hard to describe. Attending a Workshop or crop is the best way to make sure you have an appointment for yourself to get your cards done! You deserve some me time, so why not make it a party! Email or call me for more information. Happy Scrappin’!

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