Lovin’ My Girlie Time Away from my "JOB"!

A Tiny Slice of the Loony Team at Jillene’s Team Meeting

Recently, Amy Hervey, my Close To My Heart sponsor, and I drove 9 hours north to the Minneapolis, MN area for a Loony Team Meeting. I just LOVE Jillene and my fellow Loony Close to my Heart Sisters! I really missed bonding with them and being around the positive energy and spirit of friendship and sisterhood. I also wanted to surprise Jillene, because I knew she needs us Kansas girls as much as we need her. I knew she had a surgery coming up, so I really wanted to be there for her before she was laid up for a few weeks! HA!

This is Jillene. She is such a hoot, but more importantly, such a wonderful Leader, mentor, and sister. I call her a metropolitan lady! She is so savvy and sophisticated…such a city gal! Our newest trip Close To My Heart is offering is a Hawaiian vacation. I have never been to Hawaii and I would love to go there. (Hawaii was Jared’s first Army duty station. How he got that, I will never know!).
Anyway, a few of us crazy yet daring loony gals are setting our sights on earning this trip! So, that is why Jillene has a hula skirt, straw hat, and lea around her neck! So all of us courageous souls that decided to take the challenge donned our Hawaii gear for a picture!

I cannot express how great it was to attend this meeting and be hosted by the Moen Family. My cup poureth over!! I cannot wait until our next trip in April. Look out Loony girls, the Alpha Phi Scrappa girls will be there soon enough! MAUH!

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