First Ever Alpha Phi Scrappa Team Meeting!

Words can’t describe how excited I am about the first ever Alpha Phi Scrappa Team Gathering last night! Ever since I came back from my mission, I have been putting together this team concept that I have been dreaming up for months. The Alpha Phi Scrappa Team is so much more to me than a group of individual Independent Consultants with a common denominator.

The Alpha Phi Scrappa Team is a scrapbook sorority of friends, fun, inspiration, and motivation. Last night, I felt overjoyed and proud presenting the Alpha Phi Scrappa Team with our team sorority concept, Mission Statement, Initiation Rituals and Orientation, Team Training and Incentive Plan, and a overview of where the Alpha Phi Scrappa Team is going. We all felt that excitement and anticipation that comes with knowing that we are all starting something BIG that we can be proud to share, regardless of where we may be in our Army Life, our real J-O-B.

The sisters of Alpha Phi Scrappa also accepted a the April Monthly Team Challenge. We are going to host an Alpha Phi Scrappa Open House here in Iraq! We are all excited to share Close To My Heart Scrapbooking and Stamping with our fellow Soldiers and DOD Civilians here in Iraq and we hope to find fellow scrappy friends that share our love of paper, glue, and glitter and learn a few things to take back to the US when we return home!

Oh! I almost forgot to mention, my unit came down on orders to return early! We will for sure be coming home this summer! The last time I was deployed to Iraq, we were extended to 15 months, so I look at this shortened deployment as good karma! My fingers are still crossed and have been saying my prayer to be back in time to see my husband, Jared, off to the National Training Center in California and to attend Leadership! I will keep you posted and I appreciate all the kind words and prayers you have been sending my way! For now, I will just have to keep the faith and keep reaching for my goals.

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