Fun Easter Idea

Jelly beans, chocolate bunnies, colored eggs, and bonnets all remind us that Easter is just around the corner. I came across this fun idea of making candy necklaces out of jelly beans! I thought it sounded so fun, that I am including jelly bean necklaces in my team members’ goodie bags for our team meeting Saturday! This would be a great project to do with your own kids, or at a Mommy and Me Workshop!


  • your favorite jelly beans
  • paper Piercing Tool Kit (Z1114 $5.95)
  • Waxy Flax or Hemp of your choice
  • assorted spiral clips, tags, photo clips, or Clear Inspirations Acrylic Accents to decorate


1. Pierce through each jelly bean with your Piercing Tool Kit

2. Ensure you have a long enough piece of Waxy Flax or Hemp to tie the necklace once you are finished stringing the jelly beans and decorations

3. Thread sewing needle with desired Waxy Flax or Hemp

4. String desired jelly beans and decorations

5. Make sure small children do not eat decorations, or do not string decorations on necklaces for young children as they would pose a choking hazard!

6. Tie the necklace in a bow, wear, and enjoy!

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