It’s Not About the Paper!

To the casual onlooker, paper crafts may seem to be like being in art class. There is decorative paper, scissors, glue, and many other things like markers and inks to name a few. Many say, “I don’t have time to scrapbook”, or “I always wanted to scrapbook, but I am not creative.” I answer, “You don’t make time for fun?”, or “You don’t make time for your friends?”, or “Wouldn’t you like to join a club to learn?”

Many people think scrapbooking as just a memorable photo attached to paper and placed in a book. To me, scrapbooking is so much more and I expect so much more! Scrapbooking for me is telling my stories right along with my friends and members of my community, (who will surely become friends!).

Sure, I love quietly creating projects by myself, but I really love getting together with friends and sharing my love of scrapbooking. Not only do I get to preserve my memories and tell my story, but I also have all the wonderful memories of scrapping with friends. With a room full of women, it is very hard to NOT be creative. I love sharing my how-to books with my friends that say they aren’t creative and seeing a light bulb suddenly go off in their heads. Suddenly, creating fabulous pages and making beautiful cards doesn’t seem so hard!

If you haven’t figured it out after reading this post, it’s not about the paper! Paper crafting is so much more. If you are a party girl like me, it is hard to resist finding a way to get your friends together. My favorite way to scrapbook is to enjoy each other’s company, throw in some games, prizes, food, and a fun tropical drink or glass of wine. I can’t think of a better “waste of time”!

I made the party favors and invitations in this blog post using the fun and sunny Caboodle coordinating products from Close To My Heart. I love, love, LOVE this kit! You can create fun cards, fabulous boy pages and sassy girl pages all with the same paper pack! This one is very versatile and just reminds me of summer fun!

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