Making Christmas Cards for Family and Friends

Here are a few of my Soldier Medics making Holiday Cards the CTMH way! I brought in a few My Originals Card Kits, some sticky dots, and a pair of scissors and this was the result. I was thrilled, (and a bit shocked), that everyone really wanted to make cards…even the guys!

It was so fun seeing everyone kind of do their own thing with the pre-printed card bases, My Stickease Adhesive Sheets, and ribbon. Of course, they all made me tie their bows! Even our Physician Assistant made cards to send home. What a fun afternoon break! It was just so nice to hear them talking and making merry while I tended to the aid station. This was a much needed break, though I wish everyone would have been able to participate. A few were out on mission, but I will make sure to bring the supplies out again for them!

These are a few of the My Originals Card Kits available from CTMH. These cards are so easy to make and they look even better than store bought cards! You will be amazed and how close an afternoon of card making can bring family, friends, or even Soldiers together! Don’t forget to take the time to thank a Soldier this Holiday Season.

5 responses to “Making Christmas Cards for Family and Friends

  1. Wow. You must be such an inspiration to the soldiers around you. How fun for them. Have a Merry Christmas. And, thank you for the work you are doing for our Country.


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