Mail Call in Iraq

Mail takes on a whole new meaning when you are deployed halfway around the world! I was so excited when I started receiving mail. First, I received two big boxes of scrapbook supplies, a digital picture frame, Holiday movies, and some personal items I love, like a little Christmas tree with cute winter bears to decorate a shelf. It doesn’t usually take too much to make me happy!

Today, I got my first Close To My Heart order that included the gorgeous Felicity Collection! Yippee! I just love the die cuts and stamp set. I have to admit, I thought of the Regional Celebration in Minnesota, because Christine loves Autumn Terracotta so much! It made me giggle out loud! I just KNOW January is going to rock, because the new 2010 Spring Idea Book is fabulous and using Felicity as January’s Constant Campaign is simply genius! Lovin‘ my CTMH right now!

Okay, so why is mail so important? The short answer is Iraq is depressing! I don’t know how people live in such a desolate place! Seriously, it is difficult to be away from friends and family, your home itself, and America in general. The military does an awesome job at trying to give us the conveniences of home, but it will simply never be a home away from home.

If you have never traveled to a third world country, or are searching for something to give your life more meaning, go to a third world country not connected to North America! Tourist areas do not count. You will gain a whole new appreciation and understanding of just how awesome freedom is.

After my first tour to Iraq, I realized that my life was not fulfilled. I was very happy, but something was missing. Through organizations like Operation Gratitude, Operation Paperback, Scrapping for Soldiers, and many others, I began corresponding with people all over our great nation and receiving care packages filled with heartfelt drawings, cards, and little things like new fluffy white socks that touched my heart in a way that I never expected.

That’s when I realized that I had about three really close girlfriends. I vowed that I would try to find a way to meet friends outside my military circles. I wasn’t really sure how this was going to happen, because I work early and long hours, I belong to zero community organizations, and I don’t even have children! Whoa! That’s when I found Close To My Heart and when I was at the Regional Celebration, I knew that I was heading in the right direction.

Here is a shout out to all of my talented, beautiful, smart, independent, lovely, blessed, original, superstar, fun, caring, loving Close To My Heart Sistas! I know 2010 is gonna be a great year in which some of your wildest dreams will be fulfilled. I may be a bit on the sidelines right now, but I am right with you! MWAH!

5 responses to “Mail Call in Iraq

  1. Oh Amy…I misses you sooo moocho! Mail call was always my fav too. I'm thrilled you get to have the same op. I have to remember to get your letter out to you sweetheart! I've been on a slow curve with getting things done, Mrs. Procrastination Queen over hither. I so enjoy reading your updates & keeping in touch. HUGGLES GF you're friendship as my CTMH Sista is priceless as YOU are. My Sweet Amy…our prayers are with you & you're family daily.


  2. Hi Amy!I just saw your blog post … thanks for the shout-out to Operation Paperback! Hey, I just looked at our database and we aren't sending you books right now — and we haven't sent you books since 2006-07. Are you deployed again? Do you want some more books — either just for you, or for your whole unit??!?! Let us know!!!:)Chrissy HoneywellOperation


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