Challenges of Air Force Travel to Iraq

There were many challenges traveling to Iraq! The main challenge was the weather in Iraq! After a long day of traveling on a bus, we arrived to another military post in Kuwait to await further transportation to Iraq. After boarding an Air Force C-130 aircraft, we took a long and very uncomfortable flight over Iraq and landed back where we started! Seems the crew was directed to turn back around due to weather!

We slept in the terminal for nearly 24 hours before we were kicked out and put back on a bus to the military base we started from! The next day we did the same thing all over again, except our flight happily landed in Iraq this time.

Here are a few pictures from the flight that did finally take us to our destination. During this 48 hours, I wasn’t sure whether to cry, scream, laugh, or just be silent. I think I had a wide range of all of these emotions and feelings at one time or another. It is times like these when I really hate my military job! But there is nothing to do, but except the things I cannot change, so in the end, that is what I did. I am just glad this part of traveling is over and now part of the past!

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