T-Wall Barrier Art in Kuwait

In Kuwait, the military base we are staying at has tall concrete barriers around all the buildings and tents to provide protection against attack. In the Army, we call them “T-Walls”. In Kuwait, units have painted them as a sort of memorial of their tour in the desert. They are everywhere and it is something that is quite unique to Kuwait.

This is one of my favorite barriers so far. It is the 40th Military Police as you can see. I just love the painting, the colors, and the font they used for the lettering.

This is another military police barrier. It is neat how they have both our American flag and the Iraqi flag. The colors are very vibrant and I love the shading in the background. My first unit as a medic was a Military Police Company in Korea, so I do have love for our Military Policeman!

Here are a few more barriers. The neat thing is they are all different. No two look alike. Most take on a theme from their home duty station in the state where the unit came from. Some use their unit’s theme and play up their unit crest, insignia, or patch.

T-Walls are definitely a part of our Military Heritage in Kuwait.

6 responses to “T-Wall Barrier Art in Kuwait

  1. Thanks Posting this up, it’s been 13 years since I signed the back of that T-wall before heading into Iraq. Awesome to see that someone appreciated our style. 3rd plt,3rd Sqd, 40th MP co. OIF-08-09


  2. Amy,Thank you for sharing those photos of the T-/walls in Kuwait. My husband just returned in March from Camp Buehring in Kuwait. He was able to see those walls for himself.Suzanne

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