Scattered Heart Team at Regional Celebration

These are the members of the Scattered Hearts Team that attended the Regional Celebration this past weekend in Minneapolis, MN. I just gotta tell you, I was a little anxious and nervous as I packed up the Hummer and entered the address into the GPS. “8hr47min” Wow! Was I really up for this? Then I just thought, “Amy, you are so ready for this. Just dig deep like you do and have faith.” So that’s what I did as I cruised through Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, and finally, Minnesota!

Let me tell you…I am so glad…no, that word isn’t right. Thrilled. Overjoyed. Elated. Jubilant. Overexcited. (Well, you get the idea). I was on cloud nine with the sisterhood I felt from the moment I signed into the Scattered Hearts get-together Thursday night. Casey S. and Barb C. welcomed me warmly. Then I met Jillene M. and all my doubts faded away. I knew this was exactly where I was meant to be.

I am telling you with teary eyes, THIS is exactly what I have been looking for for so long. THIS is why I joined Close To My Heart and jumped in with both feet! THIS is what matters in life. I was able to connect with so many of the ladies I have been following on Facebook, on the CTMH bulletin boards, and through their Blogs and Websites. These beautiful, wonderful, gifted, talented, and friendly ladies mean the world to me! Mauh! You will never know how much you mean to me.

Joining this team seemed a bit foolish to me at first, and boy have I made some mistakes! This is turning out to be a defining moment in my life. When I won the scrapbook layout contest and received a standing ovation for my military service, the love in the room just warmed my heart and filled me with such pride and overwhelming spirit. I could only think of four other times in my life when I have felt that rock star feeling! I think I must create a scrapbook page about it!

2 responses to “Scattered Heart Team at Regional Celebration

  1. Did we have fun or what??? I am so happy to have you on the team and am THRILLED that you won the ARTWORK CONTEST! You go girl. I am so proud of you. Can't wait to cruise with you in 2011! WOOHOOOO… you have it going on!Tina


  2. Amy, it was great to meet you in person! I have so admired your creativity, strength and ambition from afar… but now I know what I was seeing was the real Amy! I am so impressed!I really hope that my welcome was warm and sincere… I had a horrible headache that night that got worse as the meeting went on, in fact – I am not in the SH Team picture because I had to leave and put my headache to bed!May God bless you all and keep you all safe while overseas, Amy… send me your address and I'll drop you cards and stuff while you are there! It's ALWAYS GREAT to get something at Mail Call!Hugs,Barb


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