Creating Custom Colored Embroidered Flowers

I LOVE embroidered flowers! They are so petite, delicate, and have texture galore! I really love adding these flowers to many of my scrapbook projects and cards. It is hard to find just the right color to go with my projects, so I dye white ones with my re-inker. Here’s how it works:

Gather together the embroidered flowers you would like to dye, little plastic cups you can throw away, re-inker color of choice, rubbing alcohol, and some tweezers.

Pour in the desired amount of rubbing alcohol into the plastic cup. Add a few drops of re-inker. Taking my tweezers, I pick up one flower and stir the rubbing alcohol/re-inker to mix in the dye. I add more re-inker to darken the color to my liking. If the color is too dark, just add more rubbing alcohol.

You can add water so there is less of an alcohol smell, but the alcohol helps the flowers to dry more quickly. Drop as many flowers into the rubbing alcohol/re-inker mixture and they them flat to dry.

I like to put them on wax paper, and put them on a window sill to dry. Just as long as it is a surface you don’t mind getting dirty, because this is dye after all!

I like to make a few batches of flowers using the colors I frequently use. I just store them in little baggies marked with which color they are.
I am not sure how safe rubbing alcohol is for pictures, so I always treat my dried flowers with a pH balancing spray when I am using them on my scrapbooks. For cards, I don’t worry about it!

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