Puzzle Piece Mini Album

If you attend one of my monthly Scrapbook Clubs, you already know you recieve a free exclusive Project Kit when you pre-order a Basic, Better, or Best Scrapbook Kit of the month! Here is a preview of this month’s Project Kit. It is an adorable Puzzle Piece Mini Album.

This mini comes together very fast. You just trace around the chipboard puzzle pieces on the “wrong side” of the desired pattered paper and cut them out with small, sharp sissors. Then adhere the paper to the chipboard lining up the edges. (I like to use Mod Podge and let the pieces dry overnight under some heavy books).
Once the puzzle pieces are dry, you punch holes and put them on a jump ring. Now sand and ink the edges and have fun embellishing the mini with ribbon, flowers, and stickers! So fun and easy, but a great gift for a friend or a loved one.

Note: The pictures viewed here may not be in the correct order, but at very least you have an idea of how to create this project on your own. I also like to use other shapes to make other mini albums. This is just one way to make a quick, easy, and affordable gifty!

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