Are You a Visionary? Part 3


How are you coming on your goals? Would you like a way to take your goals to the next level? You may find that even your goals are holding you back a bit and that negative self talk always seems to creep into your thinking. One way to combat this thinking and to take your goals to the next level is what I call probability vs. possibility.

Probability bases your results on your past experience. When you are thinking in probabilities, your past successes or failures seem to direct the path toward your goals. Take for instance, something simple as running a mile. In the past, when you ran a mile you remember and envision your muscles aching, your breathing being uneven, and you feeling like your heart would pump straight out of your chest. You vow to never do that again! You are thinking in probabilities. The probability of the same outcome hold you back from running another mile.

Possibility bases results on stretching toward the future, and sometimes beyond the current reality. Let’s take another look at this run. In the future, you envision yourself running a mile with some strain, but at the end of the run you are exhilarated and feel like you can tackle the World. In fact, you have lost some weight just by running more often, and your muscles are becoming used to running. You are thinking in possibilities.

Can you see the difference in the two ways of thinking? Probability vs. Possibility. Here is something else to think about in going back to your “Why”. In the majority of people who believe in their potential to succeed and have a strong desire to succeed, the experience leading up to the desired effect is not as important. What this means is no matter how unpleasant the steps on the way to meeting your goal are, if your desire is stronger, you will succeed. This is why you hear sayings like “dream big”.

Half full, or half empty

How do you know you are on the right track? Here is a mental exercise…

Imagine you have accomplished your big, significant vision, or your “why”. Close your eyes and imagine you are celebrating your success. Next answer these questions while envisioning your success.

  1. Where are you celebrating your success?
  2. Who do you see?
  3. What are you doing?
  4. What do they look like?
  5. What do you look like?

Now, get to planning your vision. Decide what it will take to achieve. Decide how you can map out the steps. Decide what you will do now.

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