Fun Instalife Mini Albums

Bring your digital memories into the real world with the new Instalife line! This byte-sized collection of papers and albums is designed to preserve minature memories of all kinds, especially those snapshots from your favorite social media platforms, like Instagram, or you smartphone for example. At Convention we were given an entire kit to make our own using Studio J to print our photos! Then we just had to trim and have fun creating! It was a blast!Instalife Photos from Studio JSo these photos are the .jpeg you get sent when you order Studio J pages. You also get a 12″ by 12″ photo print that had far superior quality to your local big box print shop! If you are the least bit curious, click the link. These photos were from my trip to Europe. Yes, it was amazing and a blessing! Here is a few pictures of the Instalife album I made from Instagram of course! This is the teal version with a gold heart, but the is also a polka dot silver and berry version.Instalife Teal AlbumSo the Teal, (Z3183), and Berry, (Z3182), Instalife albums retail for just $7.95 and are made of study chipboard covered with bright patterns on the inside and a foil design on the outside. They have a sturdy 2-hole binding system.Instalife Inside CoverThis is my inside cover. Most of the pictures I used were from my iPhone during our Mediterranean cruise, so I named the album Cruise 15 with letters from the Basic Fundamental Sticker Pack ($6.95, Z3166) and the Instalife cards in Colorful Me, (Z3186, $6.95). There is also a set of cards called The Bright Side, (Z3187, $6.95), available.Instalife Album InsideThere are also two roller stamps in this Instalife release! One is a cute date stamp in the popular Jennifer’s handwriting, (Z3114), while the other roller stamp has a variety of sayings, like “this happened” and “noted”, (z3115). They are very high quality and have a price tag of $8.95. But I have taken the time to link all of these products below from my online store at

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