Are You a Visionary? Part 2

If you read through Part 1 of this series, you know what you want, or at least have an idea. Now you must create the recipe for getting what you want. If you follow your recipe, you get the desired end result! However, a recipe alone will not give you your desired success without visionary planning. Visionary planning is different for everyone. No matter what, you must plan your work, and work your plan to be successful.

Most of us simply get overwhelmed in the details. It is best to chunk your tasks and tackle them 5 to 10 tasks at a time. Don’t even think ahead, but concentrate on just the task at hand. If you come up with an endless list of tasks, you will be so bombarded with things “to do”, that you may not even get started!

In direct sales, you may want these major headings: Sales, Bookings, Recruiting, Downline Coaching, Marketing and Networking, Business Organization, Creative Development, and Personal Development. If you are already overwhelmed, cut this list down, maybe just Sales, Bookings, Recruiting, and Creative Development. Then under each of these headings, write specific doable tasks that take priority, such as making phone calls, making the art for you next workshop, and creating a EZ Invite. Bam! You are done and on to your next tasks, such as calling your downline, asking a friend to host a party, and packing your hostess packets. The key is doable tasks and not getting too overwhelmed by the big picture.

Did you know that 65% of the World are visual learners? Our brain processes 90% of the visual information it receives 60,000 times faster than non-visual information. Because of these facts, Vision Boards can be very helpful in Visionary Planning. A Vision Board can be a bulletin board, a picture frame, or just a space on the wall when you post pictures that remind you, or symbolize your desired results. Would you like to earn a cruise? Include a picture of an exotic beach, or huge cruise ship. Maybe include a Bucket List on your Vision Board. I think you get the idea of what a Vision Board entails.

In Part 3, I will discuss Probability vs. Possibility. I will also discuss the importance of a strong emotional connection. Until then Happy Scrappin’!

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