10 Ways to Inspire Creativity



Escape your usual mundane routine and discover the sort of crafting that is blissfully fun, amazingly inspiring, and creatively challenging all at the same time!

Close To My Heart’s Inspiration Bingo Board is just the inspiration you need to begin the journey on your own artistic adventure!  By tossing your crafting “to do” list to the four winds, this challenge will help you:

  • Blast through a creative slump!
  • Spark your creativity!
  • De-stress by distressing!
  • Break out your stash!
  • Rescue .jpgs from your hard drive!
  • Bust out tools you haven’t used in years!
  • Get your Cricut humming and chirping!
  • Tackle new techniques you’ve been dying to try
  • Fire up your photo printer
  • Electrify that old sewing machine!

Think of “Inspiration Bingo” as your tentative guide from the sidewalk of lifeless projects to the sea of unleashed creativity!

Inspiration-BingoThe printable Inspiration Bingo board .pdf (inspiration-bingo1) will guide you through your artistic adventure. This is your chance to think outside the box—all it takes is a little nudge from within the box, (5 little boxes for a Bingo, or 25 little boxes for a cover all, actually).

Here’s how to play: Print your Inspirational Bingo board and lay it flat in front of you. Close your eyes and take a little spin with your finger around the board until you feel lucky and decide on a spot. Open your eyes. Which box did your finger land on? Survey your position and then choose to follow either the vertical or horizontal row of the space you landed on. Use the guidelines of each box in the row to make one complete project, or five different complete projects and get crafting for a Bingo!

Want to go for a cover all? Go for it! The best part about the Inspiration Bingo board is there are really no rules, just guidelines. If you have plenty of cre8tive time, then you may want to play a few rounds! Better yet, get a few friends together and have an Inspirational Bingo Party, or weekend retreat! The sky is the limit!

Your project(s) may not turn out the way you expect, but you will have gained so much more in the process!  Some people are excited by the forces of chance, while others ache for a new challenge!  Many people enjoy a more social approach, while others just like to use products they already have purchased!  I think you get the idea. This challenge has something for everyone! Just make sure you cre8time for you and “May the creative force be with you”!

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