Artfully Sent Cricut Cartridge has Arrived!

Artfully Sent Collection

Much anticipated! Finally arrived! The Artfully Sent Cricut® Collection can be yours! The Artfully Sent collection comes with a brand new Cricut® cartridge full of everything you need to make masterful cards. The cartridge, with a total of 700 images, contains everything you need to make 250 cards and 150 other small projects—a total of 400 unique projects. The collection includes the Cricut® Artfully Sent cartridge, three D-size stamp sets that coordinate with cuts on the cartridge and a pack of 12″ × 12″ White Daisy cardstock!

General Overview

The collection includes three D-size stamp sets that have been designed to support the images on the cartridge. The Curlicue Alphabet stamp set fits the Artfully Sent font. The Curlicue Frames stamp set matches several of the images found under the Icon function. The sentiment-based stamp set, Just To Say, contains sentiments for a variety of themes and holidays that are meant to adorn the front or inside of your cards. Don’t forget, this collection also has a full package of White Daisy cardstock, provided as a starter for the many card bases and shapes your customers will be cutting from the cartridge or stamping on.

With the Artfully Sent Cricut® cartridge, you can make 250 artistic cards and 150 small projects. That means you can create 400 unique projects from the 700 images on this cartridge. The base function, or main keyboard, holds the font and a wide assortment of envelopes and accompanying liners. The six other functions— pop-up, icon, scene, sentiment, sleeve, and pocket—house multiple types of cards within their larger function category.

The Particulars

The base function, or main keyboard, contains a font, like our previous cartridges. The font includes upper and lower-case alphabets, numbers, and several punctuation marks and symbols. The remaining keys of the main keyboard hold several envelope and liner options, perfect for your designer cards once they’ve been made.

The pop-up and shift + pop-up functions create bases and liners for pop-up cards. These pieces form the foundation of the card, while the pieces from the icon and shift + icon functions form the accents. The cuts from these combined functions give you everything you need for 50 stunning 5″ × 7″ pop-up cards. Additionally, all cuts of a single key under these functions are “linked” in size, which means no adjusting of the size dial is necessary when working with a Cricut® Expression® machine, and no searching for each piece of the card in Design Space. All pieces of the pop-up cards (bases, liners, and icons) on a single key share a theme.

The icon and shift + icon functions work hand-in-hand with the pop-up functions to make 50 great 5″ × 7″ pop-up cards. Icons are embellishment pieces to be adhered to the pop-up bases and liners you cut with the pop-up function. Icons are linked in size with the bases and liners, which means no adjusting of the size dial is necessary when working with a Cricut® Expression® machine, and no searching for each piece of the card in Design Space. All pieces of the pop-up cards (bases, liners, and icons) on a single key share a theme.

The scene and shift + scene functions create 50 cards of several types: swing cards, cards with backdrops and front layers, and tri-panel scene cards. With a few exceptions, the dimensions of these cards are 5″ × 7″.

The sentiment and shift + sentiment functions create two types of cards: sentiment and border. There are 50 5″ × 7″ sentiment options and 50 4¼” × 5½” border options.

The sleeve and shift + sleeve functions create sleeves and overlay cards. There are 50 4″ × 6″ sleeve options and 50 5″ × 7″ overlay card options.

The pocket and shift + pocket functions create pocket cards for inclusion in your Picture My Life™ scrapbook pages. There are 50 4″ × 6″ card options and 50 3″ × 4″ options, for a total of 100 cards.

Does Cricut® Machine Matter?

First and foremost, the Cricut® Explore works only with an internet connection, as it must be used in conjunction with Design Space, its online design software.

Additionally, Artfully Sent has been designed to keep all pieces of an individual project linked to each other for the user’s ease. Both the Cricut® Expression® and Explore™ machines retain this linked capability. Remember that not every image on a single key is linked to one another, as was the case with the Close To My Heart Artbooking Cricut®cartridge.

With Artfully Sent, only the pieces of individual projects are linked, and only those pieces will be grouped together in Design Space—not all images on the key. The individual projects of Artfully Sent include the pieces of the pop-up and icon functions on a single key (pop-up card bases, liners, and icons), the pieces of the scene and scene + shift functions on a single key (scene bases and corresponding inserts or icons), and envelopes and liners. However, all images will also be available on an individual (non-linked) basis.

All images of the same theme are organized by key on the Expression® machines and coordinate with our full-color booklet. When using the Explore™ machine and Design Space, linked pieces of individual projects are the only pieces that stay grouped together—not all images on a key. The booklet, in this case, is still very helpful for users; being able to see themed pieces on the printed page will give you a guide as you scan the many images online.

The Explore™ machine, through Design Space, builds upon the capabilities of the Expression® series machines: it can draw images as well as cut them with great precision, and has built-in technology for adjusting to the specific material a user is working with. Images can be resized and proportionally altered in Design Space in ways not available with the Expression® series machines.

While the Artfully Sent cartridge is optimized for performance in the Cricut® Expression® machines, it works well in both machines. It’s up to you to decide which machine you prefer to use! No matter which machine you use, the incredible artwork the cartridge produces is still of the same high quality! You may use a mix of both types of machines, but you can show off the stunning finished products to all alike.

How to Get Your Cricut® Artfully Sent Collection?

Additionally, the Artfully Sent cartridge is for sale exclusively through ONLY  Independent Consultants, and not through Design Space. The images are only available on Design Space after a customer purchases a cartridge then links it to a Design Space account. Independent Consultants are the only ones that can give our customers what they need to make high-level, beautiful cards—the Cricut® Artfully Sent collection! So, order online at here or email me at or call me at 785-341-8672. Better yet, host a fun party to earn it at 50% off!

Artfully Sent Cards

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