Inspiration for 2013!

What is your 30 second commercial? Last year, I would have told you, “My name is SSG Amy Muse. I am the non-commissioned officer (NCO) in charge of a busy Ambulatory Surgery Unit and Post Anesthesia Care Unit that serves a population of over 25,000 military members, their families, and veterans I am responsible for the counseling and welfare of 1 non-commissioned officer, 2 junior enlisted Soldiers and two Licensed Practical Nurses.” Yes, I believe strongly in having a well developed 30 second commercial. After all, I am an ambassador of the United States Army. If I didn’t feel strongly about my commitment and live the Army Values, I would not have endured the experiences I have had for nearly 19 years if I didn’t feel I was doing something much bigger than myself.

During this past Holiday season, I took the opportunity to really reflect over the past 19 years. I reviewed my 30 second commercial. It is a Duty Description! My commercial says nothing about my “why”! It is passionless. It is factual with no feeling. My commercial doesn’t describe my passion, inspiration, or call to duty. I realized that in order for me to feel successful in this last year of my military service, I need to step out of this prescribed way of thinking and step into my true identity. I need a 30 second commercial that quickly describes what my call to duty is and how I can help you find a strong enough “why” that will ignite such a fire in your heart to inspire action!

If any of this post has resonated with you or just made you curious, I encourage you to watch the imbedded You Tube video for a 3 minute jolt of inspiration. I have recently partnered with a group called Message 2 Movement led by two very special ladies, Becky Harmon and Beverly Lewis. This video came from an inspirational group member named Bonnie Gortler. In order to learn more about any of these women, just click on their name.

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