What a Month!

I can’t believe it has been SO LONG since I have updated my blog, or updated anyone on my scrappy happenings! Wow! Well, let’s make it short and sweet. My unit has returned from Iraq, I happily have been reassigned to the Warrior Transition Battalion as a Squad Leader (SL). Jared just left for Germany for a new job for six months. All of our vacation plans were changed about a million times, so in the end we just enjoyed one another’s company. I am going to beautiful Fort Sam Houston, TX for two weeks of training.
Oh yah! Look at this pretty face! Jared let me get a puppy! I have wanted an English Bulldog for years, and thanks to my Close To My Heart tax return, I was able to have some extra cash for my puppy, Gracie. She is the sweetest, snuggliest pooh-pooh ever. I adore her. She just puts a smile on your face and is so soft to pet. She loves laying under my chair when I scrap. LOVE HER!
I really miss my husband and I long for the time when we are both done serving Uncle Sam. I have only been home a little over three months. I think this will be a great experience for my husband though. Who wouldn’t love having a expense paid trip to Germany to work for six months? Come on!

2 responses to “What a Month!

  1. Hi Amy, I'm so glad to see you posting!!!!!!!! Gracie has to be the most adorable puppy I've ever seen! Is she cuddly? Does she smell like a puppy?? Does she smother you with puppy kisses?? Gosh – I'm so happy for you. Truly.Hugs!


  2. OMG, Amy… Gracie is just the cutest little thing… And I love her name! Sorry to hear about your hubby's deployment so soon after you got home, but it won't be too long and all 3 of you guys will back together! Are you going over to visit? You can drop Gracie off at my place on your way… Well, I just thought I would offer, even though I'm not exactly on the way! It's good to see you back online! Hugs…


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