Finding Therapy with Paper!

I just LOVE flowers on my projects. I especially have fun trying to come up with new techniques by just playing with paper and really enjoying the process. When I was starting my “Picture This” Convention scrapbook, I really wanted to try a few things I had never tried. I really wanted to find the Wow! Factor. I love the way scrappers have been layering different sized circles to make these cute flowers. They distress the edges to give these flowers more texture and dimension.
Since I was in the middle of Iraq, I didn’t have very many tools, so I looked around trying to think of something I could do. My eyes kept coming back to the White Daisy Just Blooms. O love using them, but I wanted more dimension and something new. I dumped them out on the table and thought, “Well, these come in three sizes of three different flower shapes, so maybe I can layer them?”.
As I started to layer them, I remembered I had brought a bulk White Daisy Just Blooms pack to do a Workshop with. I thought, “Wow! That’s two mare sizes up!”. My wheels started turning as I joyfully played with my flowers!
I took the biggest flower and layered it on the table. I took another flower the same size and used my thumb nail to turn each petal inside out, so it would curl up. Eeeeee! I did the same thing to two more flowers. This was looking good. Then I picked up the next smallest size and again using my thumb I curled the petals inward and layered them on top of the bigger flowers. I grabbed four of the biggest of the five petal flowers from my tube of White Daisy Just Blooms and turned the petals inside out using the sharp end of my Paper Piercer to really curl the petals in. I did the same thing to the next smaller size until I only had the really little ones to go.
I found a White Daisy Bitty Brad, punched a hole completely through all of the blooms and put the brad through. Then I took my Paper Piercer again and fluffed up each petal towards the middle. Beautiful! I was so excited how these flowers were turning out. I still thought they were missing something, when I remembered I had just received the new Glitter Gel Glue in my last Close To My Heart order! I dug it out and lightly and randomly touched the edges of most of the petals to give it a glittery look! Perfect!
I absolutely always have fun making these flowers. It is very therapeutic! Last Wednesday night, I got my flowers back out! I now had my Big Pinks and Summer Posies Just Blooms to use too. I the above picture, you can see my precious pink flower! I used an Olive corduroy brad from my Autumn Garden Accents Collection and I just LOVE how it turned out.
I would love to see your projects using thin technique! If you try it and find it as absolutely therapeutic as I did, drop a comment, or send me and email of your project and you just may see it on this blog later! I used the Cherry-O Workshop on the Go to make these cards. And wish me luck on the contest! Convention starts next week, and I so hope to make the top 10 so everyone can take a look at my artwork! Yippee!

6 responses to “Finding Therapy with Paper!

  1. Loving the flowers and the technique! Can't wait to see you in DC. Can't believe how quickly it's coming. Can't wait to see your album too!


  2. Okay…now just one more thing I need to buy! LOL I haven't picked these up yet, because they just didn't "speak" to me. Well, now they've spoken loud and clear! You did an amazing job. Thanks for sharing how you did it, so I can try it. Have fun at convention!


  3. I absolutely LOVE your flowers (peonies?) I'm so glad you explained how you made them because they are just gorgeous! Amy, I think about you often and always send prayers up for you. I'm thrilled that you're submitted for the contest at Convention – do you get to attend as well??? I hope so, you deserve it!Hugs!


  4. I would've NEVER GUESSED that these were Just Blooms!!! I, too, am always looking for ways to make flowers from what CTMH offers…I'm gonna have to try this!


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