The Crafter’s Ultimate Cutting Tools Review…Two Thumbs Up!

Okay, it isn’t very often that I use anything that isn’t a Close To My Heart product. I decided to splurg a bit and try the We R Memory Keeper’s Ultimate Cutting Tools to review of course. I gotta keep my scrappy sisters informed by suggesting the best products for the money! Like most of you, my tool holder is full of decorative scissors from who knows when. I just never seem to really keep the lines very straight when I do use them. Arggghhh!
So while sneaking a peek at Hobby Lobby, I noticed the paper trimmers were 30% off this week, so I cruised over for a look. I own a gullitine office paper cutter from Staples that used to be my go to paper trimmer until I realized I needed something more precise. Then I purchased a Memory Makers trimmer that is magnetic, but I could never find replacement blades and it is so bulky even though it does fold in half. When I purchased my first Euro Paper Trimmer made by Fiskars and sold by Close To My Heart, I was sold. It is sleek, precise, lightweight, and has an arm extension for larger measurements. Love it!
I really wanted a trimmer with cool decorative edges with one swift slice! There seemed to be a beacon of light cast on this fabulous purple cutting mat just drawing me in. This Magnetic Mat and Magnetic Ruler by We R Memory Keepers just seemed to good to be true, so I took it off the shelf to get a closer look. It’s construction seemed very high quality and the mat measured 20″ x 16″! Then I noticed to the right, a Magnetic Twist Trimmer Combo Pack! WHOA! They had packaged 8 decorative blades in one package! You know I love kits!
The best part about this trimmer is that by having a twisting mechanism to the blades, they are safer for crafters that have smaller children. I know from talking and crafting with mothers, that safety is always a concern when it comes to paper trimmers. Of course I love having straight, deckle,scoring, scallop, stamp, wavy, anf perforating edges in one easy paper trimming system! Yippee! This is truly a system that just takes a couple trial scraps to become an expert and I just love how easy and quickly it makes decorative edges for my projects! And I LOVE that I got it for 30% off!
MSRP: Magnetic Mat and Magnetic Ruler $29.99
MSRP: Magnetic Twist Trimmer Combo Pack $19.99

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