Lovin’ Ribbon Flower Technique

I have fallen in love with flower techniques! Okay, I have always loved stitching on my projects and finding cute flowers. BUT I have been playing with MANY Close To My Heart products to make unique one-of-a-kind flowers. I have been going through some deep emotional soul searching lately, and I realize more now than ever WHY I really love scrapbooking. I am actually using scrapbooking to heal some of these old and painful issues, so I can get through to the other side of healing and just move out of this state of depression.
I used this template to punch holes in my cards to create these ribbon flowers, and isn’t this card just adorable!!??!! I used paper from my Veranda paper pack and grabbed some Creme Brulee Ribbon Rounds and my trusty Distressing Kit to get started. If you haven’t added a Paper Piercing Tool Kit, you should really get these invaluable tools for under $6 bucks!

This is the template I like to use.This picture is a bit bigger than the actual template I use just so you can see it a little bit closer. As you can see, there are three different sizes, but you could easily create your own template. Below, I punch holes using my Paper Piercer to make it a bit easier to thread my Embroidery Floss through the five point star. Use thread that closely matches the ribbon you are using, (I used bright colors in this example to make it a bit easier to demonstrate). I also like to punch the middle hole with the Soft Set Eyelet Tool  to make a bit bigger hole to pull the ribbon through the back of my paper.
Below is my five point star threaded directly on the template so you can really see how it is done.
Now, once you have your five point star threaded on your project, you thread your ribbon through a needle with a large eye. If you rip the paper a bit when you are pulling the ribbon up from the back, don’t panic! When you start weaving the ribbon under the floss in an over and under fashion, the rip won’t even show. Don’t worry so much!
So, like I was saying, you just weave the ribbon over one of the five point star’s points, then under the next one, and over the next one, and keep following this over and under threading in a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction. Keep going either clockwise or counter-clockwise until you are satisfied with your flower. Then you can add leaves if you would like.
To end each flower, I like to lift the ribbon a bit and secure the end with a small sticky dot. I just LOVE how these cute little flowers turn out! I think it is a much easier technique then cutting a circle, covering it with adhesive and rolling ribbon over it in a circle. No stickiness with this technique, and you really don’t even know how to sew per say. Let me know what you think. I will be posting many more projects using this technique for sure! Yippee!

3 responses to “Lovin’ Ribbon Flower Technique

  1. OH How Stinkin' CUTE is this!?! I am going to have to sit down and try to play with this- LOVE IT!!! and of course cannot wait to see your work for the contest- one word for you- AMAZING!!!!! cannot wait to see you in DC!!!!!!! big hugs!


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