This Scrapbook Guru is INSPIRED!

Inspired! Blessed! Excited! Hopeful! Loved! Appreciated! Missed! Hopeful! Twitterpated! I just want to jump up and celebrate life and my love for living! I snapped this photo after my whirlwind trip to the Regional Celebration in Minnesota last Fall 2009! I felt like such a ROCK STAR and true CTMH Scrapbook Sista!

I must admit, I have had some major disappointments lately that had me throwing a pity party for myself. On the outside, I have been trying to hide it, but on the inside I have been down right devastated! My Scrapbook Retreat was cancelled after I had already signed up 15 Soldiers, finished the schedule of events, and had most of the projects planned and a few displays completed. After I had made up my mind to get some awesome workshops planned, I found out I am going to have to go on a mission near Syria for weeks at a time unexpectedly for the next couple months!

Never fear! None-the-less, I am inspired by all of my fabulous Soldiers, friends, CTMH Sistas, and family to be the best I can be no matter what curve balls life has to throw my way. I have decided to step up my blog and give you some awesome content you can really use! Yes, drooling over project after project is okay and inspiring! Yes, seeing some new techniques and getting some cool tips is groovy, too! I can give you so much more! Scrapbooking is a passion! I am going to try to put more of my passion into my blog posts!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I think Close To My Heart offers some tremendous campaigns and remarkable deals that I LOVE to share with you! I like to make sure you see the remarkable artwork for the Workshops on the Go, because I LOVE doing the workshops myself every month. I think it is also great to see what Stamp of the Month you can get for FREE or at a discount. This information I love to keep in the margins with links so you can just click on the pictures and be cyber wisked to more information.

I feel like as a self-professed Scrapaholic and Scrapbook Guru I can give you so much more! I am starting a special series of posts that will be linked to my newsletters. By subscribing to my newsletters, you will get even more articles related to my blog posts, but my newsletters will offer much, much more!

  • I will share articles to discuss new trends, inspire creativity, encourage busy scrappers, celebrate paper crafting, and tackle your biggest scrapbook dillemas in the “Miss Scrappy Britches Archives”.
  • I will give you CTMH Sistas who are on your journey to Director some fabulous secrets and insider tips and techniques to build your business BIG in the “Put On Your BIG Girl Panties Archives”.
  • I will give you tips and techniques to stretch your creativity and build on your current knowledge with step-by-step instructions for fun projects I have created, begged, borrowed, and stolen, (with permission), in the “Build Your Paper Crafters Tool Box Archives”.
  • I will give you the latest news and specials straight from the latest Close To My Heart Weekly Updates and keep you informed of the very latest in the “Constant Campaign Archives”.

Now, I haven’t decided if I am going to archive my monthly newsletters and Whoo-Hoo reports that I send my current subscribers and team members, but I know you won’t want to miss ANY of my articles! I am SO EXCITED and I can’t wait to hear how you like my new idea! Leave me some sugar to let me know how you like the articles! Subscribe to my newsletter if you LOVE it! Follow this Blog to get the latest posts! Follow this Blog on Facebook Network to spread the word that papercrafting with CTMH ROCKS!

3 responses to “This Scrapbook Guru is INSPIRED!

  1. Amy!!!!!!Don't you get discouraged you are an INSPIRATION to us all!!Remember your Rock Star Status when you won the Award for #1 Artwork in REgionals at MN? Just keep remembering that energy. Are you going to still be able to make it home for convention? I cannot wait to see you again!Love, Jillene Moen, your Great Grandma Upline


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