Lookin’ Good, Corporal!

I know many of the guests to my blog visit to catch a glimpse of what is going on with my little aid station in Iraq. We have ALOT to be thankful for already this year. SPC Chase was promoted to Corporal to fill my empty Evacuation SGT position. Initiative, dedication, technical and tactical proficiency and a little luck made this promotion possible. I am so proud of Shevy and she continues to be a shining star and mentor to her peers! She is even preparing for her first NCO of the Month and promotion boards. She’ll be a Sergeant in no time.

The medics had also picked up a few more missions than we had originally planned on. Two of my finest medics went to 72nd Engineer Company and the Forward Support Company to provide medical coverage for key missions the battalion is involved in. SPC Kathy Goot left right after the near year to help support 72nd near Kirkuk, Iraq for a few weeks and we think SPC Cassandra Foster is safe and sound near Syria! It is hard to tell with these crazy Engineers sometime!
The Engineers in our unit are busy keeping the roads of Iraq safe and always lend a hand to our Iraqi Army counterparts in building and fortifying key terrain and base camps. Some of the Engineers have even become carpenters, electricians, mechanics, and even the local cablemen! There seems to be no task that they can’t handle! So give a quick “Hooah” to support these men and women.

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