Forget Resolutions! Use Goal Getting in 2010!

I just LOVE me some Jillian Michaels! Quite frankly, she is my hero! If I could be anyone in the world, I would be Jillian Micheals…except I would be scrapbooking all the Biggest Losers’ journeys! HA! There is no secret to Jillian Michaels success. She goes to work each and every day. She gives it 110%. She doesn’t just show up and go through the motions. She works!

Instead of making New Years Resolutions this year, I am goal getting. No, that is not a typo! I am goal getting, not goal setting. I am resolved to find the best strategies to help me on this quest. From time to time, I will be posting some of what I have learned and am learning on my blog to share with you.

I would like to share something I have learned from Karen Phelps, a marketing goddess in her own right. She has made a list of 10 Reasons People Fail and I would like to share them with you in my own words.

10 Reasons People Fail
1. Afraid of criticism
2. Fail to define what they want (your why!)
3. Procrastination
4. Lack of interest/Loss of excitement
5. Blaming others
6. Quit at the first sign of defeat
7. Fail to have an organized plan
8. Wish rather than act
9. Plan for mediocrity instead of really reaching!
10. Think there are shortcuts
Personally, if I take am honest look at myself, I see about half of these reasons lurking around my life. Take for instance procrastination. In the Army, I am very active in making sure my subordinants are taking college, training, taking military correspondence courses, conducting physical training, caring for patients, and the list goes on and on. Sometimes I use this as an excuse not to work on the things I know I need to be doing for me. Deep down, I am able to see this as procrastination.
Procrastination is the biggest reason most people fail; therefore, this is the first failure I am going to start working on. I am going to start looking at each and every one of these areas and find ways to ensure that I am on the path to getting my goals in 2010!

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