Fresh & Warm Cinnamon Rolls for Christmas Morning

This Cinnabon Store was a surprise I found while I was getting my first tour around COB Speicher. It is on the airfield side of this Army base in Iraq! Since we are so far away from home for the Holidays, I thought giving the Soldiers fresh, warm Cinnabon cinnamon rolls Christmas morning may help lift their spirits!

Here is the manager behind the counter at the Cinnabon Store, (which is really a trailer!). I pre-paid for the rolls just to guarantee I would be able to deliver the goodies at the aid station early Christmas morning! Yummo!

I know it isn’t much, but when you are in Iraq away from your loved ones, even warm cinnamon rolls can remind you of home and help you feel the magical Holiday feeling in your soul. Thanks to many of our family, friends, and various groups like Operation Paperback, Operation Care Package, Operation Gratitude, and Cards for Troops to Send Home, our Holiday Season has been a little brighter.

Thanks to the PA we had last deployment and his wife, and our PA now, all of the Soldiers had a gift to open. I know that they were touched by the gestures we made as Leaders to make their Holiday a little brighter. And that is truly what the Holiday Season is all about! I hope you had the time to brighten some one’s Holiday Season and that the spirit of giving stays in your heart all year long. Happy Scrapping!

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