Ready to Serve

Hi y’all! I wish I could say I am ready to head back to Iraq, but you are never totally prepared as you would like to be. This is a picture I took of myself while I was on a routine mission my last deployment. Two years has seemed to go by so fast! If you wanna drop me a line via snail mail, my address will be:

SSG Amy J. Muse
Medical Section NCOIC
HHC, 1ST Engineer Battalion
APO AE 09393

Of course, you can email me at or It may be a few days before I am able to reach out, but I should be able to holler in Kuwait! I love you all and thank you SO MUCH for your support, kind words, and well wishes. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season and that you try to keep the joy of the season in your heart all year long! Hugs and smooches! TTFN…

4 responses to “Ready to Serve

  1. Oh my Amy, I just found your blog, love you work and wish you the very best while you are deployed. May you and your fellow soldiers be protected and safe while you serve your country!


  2. Amy, love your blog, your insight on the BB, and sharing your SB talent.Thank you for your gift and service to our country, especially on this Veterans' Day that has come so close on the heels of the Fort Hood tragedy.Anne


  3. Amy,Thank you for serving & protecting our freedom. May God bless you & protect you and your fellow soldiers as you are in Kuwait. Be safe. Aloha Nui,Sue Laufer


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