Importance of Mentorship

Oriental Proverb: “If you wish your merit to be known, acknowledge that of other people.” I recieved this card recently in the mail from one of my Soldiers and I had to share.

Recently, it seems so hard for me to balance my personal life and my military life. My goals in each are so different and I take both very seriously. I try to be a true mentor and example for those Soldiers and friends around me it felt great recieving this card.

I would like to share the inside:

“A good mentor both shares knowledge and wisdom and draes out the possibilities of those she mentors. There’s an interest in and care for those she mentors as well as a willingness to hold down to the rigors of their discipline-there’s that loving side and also that discipline side. -Laura Walters Baskett” This is truely how I feel and this is the balance I strive for, especially in my military life. It is always great to get this kind of feedback and kindness. I hope you do something for the mentor in your life today to let your mentor know how much you truely care and appreciate her or his service and leadership.

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