To Bling or Not To Bling?…That is the Question!

For me, the answer will ALWAYS be “To Bling”! It is just too much fun to add brads, ribbon, sparkles, and an array of other shiny things. I especially like to do my cards up extra nice with added embellishments. The picture above is an example of some very pretty cards I made from the Wishes card “Just Because” workshop. I used some stamping and distressing techniques to make these cards nice.

This picture is of the same cute cards after I added bling! Yes, the first cards were very nice. But look at the result you get when you add just a couple embellishments to the cards! These cards just say, “Read me! Pick me up! I am special just for you!” My hope is when you are placing your order to make that project extra special, don’t forget the bling!

3 responses to “To Bling or Not To Bling?…That is the Question!

  1. Hi Amy! Love your cards! Yes, I agree you could have stopped with the initial cards, but LOVE the blingage you added! Way to give those babies a nice makeover!


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